DIABETOLINE Cream is a hypoallergenic product?

Diabetoline cream is formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions. However, if you have noticed sensitivity reactions in the past following the use of cosmetic products, you can carry out a test. Simply apply a coin-sized amount of the product to the inside of your forearm and leave it on, ideally for a whole day. If the area becomes red or has any type of reaction, then the product probably contains a raw material that is not tolerated by your skin. If there is no reaction, then you can use the product confidently.

Are DIABETOLINE products non-comedogenic?

Diabetoline products are non-comedogenic, so they won’t clog pores or cause acne. Please check the label or product page for more information. Diabetoline products are fragrance-free and non-irritating.

Can I use Diabetoline CREAM if I have sensitive skin?
  • Absolutely. Diabetoline cream is especially designed for sensitive skin and should be gentle enough to be tolerated by even the most sensitive skin types. The formula does not contain superfluous and aggressive ingredients that can cause rather than combat inflammation and irritated skin.
  • However, everyone's skin is unique and can negatively react to any ingredient. For example, some people may find they are sensitive to natural ingredients such as essential oils or fruit extracts, and for this reason we display the full product ingredients within the product page of our website to enable customers to make an informed choice before purchase. Even the most "gentle" ingredients can cause a reaction in certain people's skin so we recommend patch testing a small amount of the product on the inside skin of the wrist area to ascertain its compatibility if the person usually is highly sensitive.
Are the ingredients used in DIABETOLINE CREAM vegan?
  • We do not describe our products as "vegan", although except the ingredient POLYGLYCERYL-3 BEESWAX cruelty-free Beeswax and Propolis hydroglycerin Diabetoline is entirely vegan in fact.
  • Diabetoline does not contain cow’s milk, egg or fish, animal-derived glycerin, keratin, lanolin, tallow or shellfish.
Where can I find a list of the ingredients used  in DIABETOLINE CREAM?

The ingredient list (INCI) can be found on the product or on the packaging of every product.

I am allergic to nuts, is DIABETOLINE CREAM safe to use?

Diabetoline formulas also contain Almond Oil. However, almonds are not nuts in the botanical sense and therefore, no reactions are expected when using these products. As some of our products are manufactured in a production facility in which nut-derivatives are also processed cosmetically, we cannot 100% guarantee that our products do not contain traces of nuts.

Does the product contain parabens?

We have chosen to add a low concentration of paraben to best preserve the product, maintain stability and prevent degradation or contamination. These ingredients are studied and regulated, their usage has been accepted by the European Commission and the FDA in the USA. This means this preservative ingredient has been tested numerous times to ensure it is totally safe.

Does the product contain FLAGRANCE?

It does not contain any added synthetic chemical fragrance.

What is the skin barrier?

The skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin. It is made up of 50% ceramides, 25% cholesterol and 10-25% fatty acids. Over time, the depletion of ceramides can result in moisture loss, dryness and cracking, and/or inflammation and irritation from allergens and toxins on the skin barrier.

What makes DIABETOLINE different from skincare brands?
  • Developed with chemists and dermatologists, our mission is to provide advanced skincare products to help diabetic patients with skin problems. Diabetone does more than just moisturise the skin’s surface.
  • Diabetoline is the first and only brand to offer a full line of skin care products that contain an exclusive formula combination especially made for diabetic skin problems. Diabetoline cream penetrates the skin’s surface, infuses it with moisture, and locks it in for truly long-lasting results and healthy looking skin.
What is the shelf life of my product?

All beauty products need to be used by a certain period. This is known as the "period after opening" and can be easily identified by the PAO symbol. The symbol can be recognised as the shape of an opened jar and will have a number inside; 9M will indicate 9 months, 12M is 12 months, and 36M is 36 months. Once opened the product should be used in this period, as after this time the quality of the product will deteriorate.

Do you test the product on animals?

Our products and ingredients are not and will never be tested on animals under any circumstances.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

Refunds may take up to 000 business days to reflect on your credit card account. This varies depending on your financial institution. Please reach out to the merchant from which you purchased the items for more information.

Why was I charged a processing fee?

The merchant sets the processing fee. If you have any questions about fees, you reach out to the merchant from which you purchased the items.

Where is my exchanged item?

Your exchange items will ship once your return has been approved. When a return is approved you will receive a confirmation email.

How do I use the gift card?

Once the return is approved you will receive a confirmation email from the merchant with the digital gift card attached. You can then use the digital gift card code for your next purchase.

How do I edit my return?

Returns can only be changed before drop-off. If you need help making changes to your return, please contact the merchant from which you purchased the items. If you have additional questions on your return, please contact Diabetoline support at contact@diabetoline.com

Important note

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